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Looking for expert A/C advice in Central Alabama? Then trust your home or business to the top-tier care of Active Air!   Our professionals have been serving metro Birmingham and surrounding areas for over twenty years.  Our leadership began in the HVAC industry back in 1983. Without a doubt, all that experience puts Active Air's responsiveness, courteousness, and know-how head and shoulders above the rest.

generalh_bn_indoors_160x600.jpg (15 KB)Whether you need a routine residential check-up for your air conditioner, or you need installation of a whole suite of systems for new construction, Active Air has an informed, helpful team to see your project through. That versatility is just one reason why Active Air carries the distinguished Carrier Authorized Dealer designation.

Your free estimate is waiting! When you're ready, reach out today for easy answers to questions on air conditioners, heat pumps and more for residential, commercial, and new construction properties.

Central Alabama’s Source for Easy A/C Repair

Above all, Active Air is focused on your comfort. If you need repairs large or small for any brand of air conditioner, ductless system, or heat pump, then you need the expert care of Active Air. Schedule your residential or commercial service appointment ASAP.

AC Issues? The Symptoms You NEED to Know:

Unless you know what to look for, diagnosing your air conditioning systems can be a tricky business. Regardless of what's wrong, Active Air has the tools to troubleshoot your unit effectively. Before your next appointment, here are a few things to look for:

  • Unpredictable utility bills
  • Hot, stagnant air coming from vents
  • Starting and stopping more often than normal
  • Unusual sounds like squeaks, squeals, knocking, grinding or hissing
  • Unpleasant, buning odors

If any of the telltale signs above afflicts your air conditioning, then Active Air service can set you right.

What to Do Before Air Conditioning Service

Obviously, here in the Southeast, we know a thing or two about extreme heat. In fact, even well into traditionally colder months we still see triple-digit temperatures in the heat of the day. As a result, many people might misread their air conditioning system's behavior for a malfunction when the truth is it just can't keep up with the heat outside. Here are a few pro-tips to try to keep your unit in tip-top shape before you reach for the phone.

  • First, it may sound simple, but triple-check your thermostat's settings. Make sure your A/C is set to cycle on and off to maintain a comfortable temperature setting.
  • Secondly, head outside and inspect your unit. Fallen debris or plant life growing too close to intakes can hamper your unit's performance when you need it most.
  • Finally, do you remember the last time you checked your air filter? All too often, clogged filters are the culprit holding your system back from peak performance. Always keep your filter in the back of your mind and replace it according to its recommended schedule.

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Affordable Air Conditioning Installation and Replacement

Adequate air conditioning is a must-have for most of the year in Central Alabama. At Active Air, we understand that when it's time for replacement, homeowners, business owners, and contractors want a professional team they can trust. Replacing old systems and the installation of new ones isn't a step you have to take alone. Active Air experts will walk you through every step of the way.

What's more, you can rely on an accurate, authoritative estimate from Active Air experts. Not only can we deliver all the A/C needs for new residential development, but Active Air pros also have the industry expertise to serve commercial clients' demands.

So reach out for your free estimate today. Air conditioning replacement and installation has never been this easy or affordable.

Air Conditioning Maintenance Plans

An ounce of prevention is worth a pound of cure. Common sense drives everything we do at Active Air, especially when it comes to maintaining your air conditioning systems. Regularly scheduled maintenance plans are an industry standard for good reason. Our A/C experts' eyes can pick out problems that might not be obvious at first glance. Whether it's time or money, we'll save you trouble down the road.

As your air conditioning unit grows older, a recommended maintenance schedule is critical to keeping it within warranty and extending its lifespan to the fullest. As much as any other appliance makes your life easier, your air conditioning is the only thing between your home or business and scorching heat. Don't go another day without taking a quick moment to protect your property's most valuable asset.

Unquestionably, benefits like maximum efficiency, lower operating costs, and longer service life are well worth setting up regular maintenance.

Schedule your service plan today!

Tune-Ups Make Air Conditioning Service Easy on You

Before little problems become big headaches, it just makes good sense to optimize your air conditioning unit from every angle. You can trust Active Air's team to tune-up your A/C systems from the ground up. Not only can our professionals clean and maintain your unit's parts, but also we're equipped to perform more technical tests that detect even the most minor wear and tear.

Your comfort is our top priority. Reach out to Active Air for your free estimate today.

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Financing for Any A/C Eventuality

If you're concerned about the impact of an air conditioning upgrade on your wallet, then take comfort in Active Air's A/C equipment financing options. We know full well that choosing and installing new equipment is a big investment for your home or business. Of course, here in Central Alabama, it's a necessity to keep cool for much of the year. That's why we work with our clients to finance the wide-range of air conditioning systems we're able to offer as a Carrier Factory-Authorized Dealer.

Don't delay on that upgrade just because you think it's out of your price range. Instead, reach out to our friendly, knowledgeable professionals! We can help evaluate your situation and work together to find your perfect new air conditioning equipment with a financing plan that makes it more affordable than ever. If your current systems aren't up to the task of cooling your property, then it's time to consider upgrading. Get the right size and optimal efficiency for your home or business for the right price.

Contact us today to lean more about financing options with Active Air.

Air Conditioning Warranties Made Easy

Active Air is proud to represent the quality of the Carrier brand as a Factory-Authorized Dealer. We're committed to bringing Central Alabama the quality, precision, and consistency of Carrier air conditioning products. In addition to new Carrier equipment under warranty, we're happy to help our clients understand the coverage of any equipment we recommend for their property. By and large, most air conditioning equipment warranties are easy to understand with a qualified professional partner like Active Air on your side.

Unless written otherwise, most warranties call for regular service that falls under an HVAC maintenance agreement. We're happy to help you follow through on those needs as an owner. Further, Active Air pros are always at the ready to answer questions and make sure you're compliant with your warranty to the letter. That's all part of our commitment to you!

Reach out to Central Alabama's all-star air conditioning team today for your free estimate.

“Where’s Active Air?” Our Air Conditioning Service Area:

Our convenient Calera location enables Active Air to serve the entirety of the Central Alabama area. For both HVAC emergencies and regularly scheduled maintenance, trust your property to the expert care of Active Air!

Factory-Authorized Experts

We won’t install anything in your home unless we’re willing to install it in ours, so we focus on dealing with the best names in the business. Please feel free to call us if you have any questions or comments about any of our parts, suppliers, or partners. We always love to talk.